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Nikki & Travis | August 25, 2012

31 Aug

Nikki and Travis really wanted to include their grandparents in the processional, but were concerned about the long walk in the sand.

However, with a little help from the groomsmen we were able to bring them down early and seat them in the back row.

When the wedding began, the grandparents led off the processional with a “modified walk” from the back row to the front.  They were all so excited to be there and I am so glad they had the opportunity to be part of this wedding.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Jeneen & Craig | August 22, 2012

26 Aug

Jeneen and Craig met on a cruse ship a few years ago; he  a ship navigator from Scotland, she a singer from New York.

When they decided to tie the knot this international couple opted for a destination wedding and selected Wrightsville beach site unseen!  However, the wedding proved to be the perfect place to introduce the families and reunite with old friends.  Although the couple no longer works for the cruise liner they were actually married by the two officiates from the ship who introduced them six years prior.  How cool is that!

Location: Access #4, Wrightsville Beach

Megan & Travis | August 17, 2012

26 Aug

It was certainly an exciting day for these newlyweds. Travis graduated from Basic Training Thursday morning and the couple got married at 7pm that night.

Megan and Travis have been together for several years, but wanted to make it official before Travis headed off for his first assignment.

Kudos to Megan for being such a flexible bride; I am truly impressed by how quickly and efficiently she planned this wedding.  She is certainly going to make an excellent military wife!

Location: Carolina Beach, Scallop Road

Danielle & Jason | August 5, 2012

11 Aug

Wedding planning is typically reserved for brides and their mothers but I always love it when the groom takes an active role.  Jason was very involved in the ceremony planning process and even selected his own wedding attire (which was a complete surprise to the bride until the wedding began).  Danielle, expecting him to opt for something casual, was so blown away to see Jason standing under the pavilion in a full suit that she had to pause for a second, squeeze her dad’s arm and remind herself not to cry before walking down the aisle.  This is now officially my favorite “first look moment” of the year!

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach

Talaya & Rodrigus | August 4, 2012

9 Aug

A lot of love and planning when into this bride’s special day.  Uncles and cousins valet parked the cars, mothers and aunts put together bouquets, a family friend sang a special song and Talaya’s aunt preformed the ceremony.   What a fun and talented group!

Location: Access #2, Wrightsville Beach

Jessica & Clifton | August 4, 2012

8 Aug

I love local brides, but rarely have the chance to work with them (believe it or not the majority of our brides are from out of town; many from out of state).

As a local bride, Jess was able to secure some top notch vendors including The Surf Club (open only to members and sponsored guests) and Kent Korr (founder and instructor of the Ukulele Academy). It was truly a memorable day!

Location: The Surf Club, Wrightsville Beach