Tammy & Roy | July 5, 2013

2 Aug

Tammy & Roy(Blog)Tammy & Roy 2(Blog)The sun was out in full force for Tammy and Roy’s 12pm wedding so guests took full advantage of our bottle water and parasols (complementary with every outdoor package). It is always fun to set-up in front of a beach house where the wedding party is staying. We usually have a few family members come down to observe the process and share stories about the bride and groom or tell us about their own wedding. The sweetest part of this ceremony was certainly the processional. The bride and groom shared a tender “first look”, Tammy gazing down from the top of the stairs Tammy & Roy 3(Blog)and Roy looking up from the pavilion, but instead of Roy waiting for his bride to arrive, he met her in the middle of the the aisle and they walked together. As a tribute to her late father, the bride placed a cheery picture of her dad in a beach chair frame on the sand ceremony table.

Location: Topsail Beach

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