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Amanda & Tony | October 20, 2013

30 Jan

Amand & Tony #7(Blog)
What a great day for a beach wedding. The perfect mix of warm afternoon sun and cool fall breeze. The beach was virtually empty except for a few windsurfers and fishermen several hundred feet away. Amanda & Tony #1(Blog) I love October weddings!

Since the couple and most of their guests were from out of town, the families decided to rent houses on the south end of Wrightsville Beach and enjoy a few extra days at the coast together. Everyone met at Lumina Hall and hopped on the Wilmington Trolley for a quick ride down to Access #43.

Lumina Hall is located on Harbor Amanda & Tony #2(Blog) Island just over the first bridge at Wrightsville Beach. With high ceilings, plenty of parking and beautiful chiavari chairs it is a great venue for brides looking for a fun reception venue that can accommodate up to 160 people.

The most memorable moment of the Amanda & Tony #3(Blog) ceremony occurred right before the vows. Paul was in the middle of his reading when we heard the muffled sounds of a cell phone. Anxious guest began subtly checking their pockets and purses. The sound stopped, however moments later it started again. Silence, the officiant paused as everyone listened for the phone and frantically searched pockets and purses again.

Suddely the groom let Amanda & Tony #4(Blog) go of the bride’s hand and reached inside his coat as his easygoing bride began to laugh and jokingly chastise him for not silencing his phone. Unable to turn it off in the confines of his pocket he finally pulled out the phone and the two began to laugh even harder.

The story soon unfolded and we all had a good laugh too. Amanda & Tony #5(Blog) That ringing phone in his pocket actually belonged to the bride. She had given it to him moments before the ceremony began and had inadvertently forgotten to turn it off. Fortunately, Amanda and Tony share a good sense of humor and were able to appreciate this bit of comic relief during their ceremony. They are certainly on the road to a fun and happy life together.

Location: Access #43, Wrightsville Beach

Jessica & Greg | October 18, 2013

20 Jan

Jessica & Greg #2(Blog) Jessica and Greg Jessica & Greg #1(Blog)now hold the record for the longest walk down the aisle. In fact, it was so far that we brought 9 people with us just to haul everything out there! Would I do it again? Certainly! Yielding one of the few ocean sunsets on the east coast, 1355 Ocean Blvd West is amazing location for a beach wedding. The house is an incredible 16-bedroom 17-bath mansion complete with a private swimming pool and spectacular panoramic views of the ocean. Best of all, the house was finished in 2012, meaning everything is virtually brand new. It was truly the perfect place to entertain 60 friends and family members travelling all the way from Ohio for a North Carolina beach wedding.

Jessica & Greg #4(Blog) Interestingly, this whimsical bride was in the middle of planning her Ohio wedding when she had a change of heart. After putting down several deposits she decided to change both the theme and location. When she told her photographer and musicians the wedding would now take place several states south amazingly they volunteered to come with her. There were several memorable moments at Jessica and Greg’s wedding, but my favorite had to be when Greg swept his new bride off her feet and carried her down the aisle. It was certainly a fun and romantic way to start their new lives together.

Location: 1355 Ocean Blvd West, Holden Beach
Jessica & Greg #3(Blog)