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Ocean & Mike | October 20, 2013

13 Feb

Ocean & Mike Re-Do #5(Blog)
Believe it or not, rain is rarely an issue on wedding day. We’ve done over 150 weddings with only two relocated indoors due to rain. Yes, we get coastal showers from time to time, but typically if the bride can be a little flexible on Ocean & Mike Re-Do #4(Blog) the start time (30-45 mins) we can generally make it happen on the beach. This is due in large part to our fantastic crew who vigilantly follow the forecast on their I-phones and are dedicated enough to strip down to their bathing suits and hold tarps over set-ups while storms pass. This wonderful crew has also set up (on more than one occasion) at 5am on holiday weekends just to ensure we had the perfect spot. As a past beach bride myself, I can only imagine how heartbroken I would have been if my ceremony had been relocated inside. That’s why we go to such lengths to try and keep it on the beach.

Ocean & Mike Re-Do #3(Blog) Ocean and Mike wade the short list of couples to be rained out. On their wedding day Hurricane Sandy battered the North Carolina coast with heavy rain and winds up to 40-50mph on its way to crush the New Jersey Shore. Needless to say, this was one ceremony that had to be relocated. It was still a lovely wedding, however I was sad that Ocean didn’t get those beautiful seaside pictures every beach brides deserves. So about two months before her 1st anniversary we surprised her with an offer she couldn’t refuse, a free ceremony re-do complete with music and the officiant who had married them during the storm. Surrounded by a few close friends and family the couple renewed their vows on a picturesque October afternoon and finally got the pictures they deserved.

Ocean & Mike Re-Do #1(Blog)

Location: Access #43, Wrightsville Beach

Want to see what an indoor setup looks like? Click here for pictures from Ocean & Mike’s Hurricane Sandy Wedding: