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Erin & Bryan | October 26, 2013

29 Mar

Erin & Bryan(Blog) Our last Erin & Bryan #(Blog)2 wedding of 2013 was at beautiful Sunset Beach. I love October weather and this day was no exception. It was a beautiful sunny day with just a slight breeze. We had the beach to ourselves except for one little dear that quietly meandered through the dunes as sunset neared.

Erin & Bryan #3(Blog) It was a traditional ceremony, with a modern flair. Erin was escorted by her father but elected to switch out the classic wedding music for something more meaningful. The couple selected “A Thousand Miles”, by Christina Perry for her processional and “You and Me” by Dave Matthews as the recessional. In true beach style after pronouncing the couple husband and wife the officiant saluted them with sound off from his giant conch horn.

Location: Sunset Beach Pier, Sunset Beach

Ginny & Robbie | October 26, 2013

1 Mar

Ginny & Robbie #1(Blog)
On October 26th two seaside ceremonies marked the end of wedding Ginny & Robbie #2(Blog)season for Beachside Occasions. The first was Ginny and Robbie in front of the Courtyard Marriott on Carolina Beach. Ginny wore a beautiful heirloom veil which belonged to her grandmother and selected the classic Cannon in D for her processional. Everyone expected this traditional bride to pick something equally conservative for her exit, however they were certainly in for a surprise. After sharing their first kiss as husband and wife the couple turned and paused for the photographer as The Wedding March from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Mendelssonh) queued the start of the recessional. With the photo complete the Ginny & Robbie #4 (Blog)photographer stepped out of the aisle and the bride and groom began to walk. Moments later the song drew to a screeching halt and the couple let loose with a dance down the aisle to I Feel Good by James Brown. What a fun and unpredictable way to end the ceremony.