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Stacy & David | May 3, 2014

28 Aug

Stacy & David #1(Blog)Stacy & David #2(Blog)David and Stacy had been at Oak Island with most of their wedding party for nearly a week when I arrived on Friday night to go through their last minute details. With everyone in full “vacation mode” it was no surprise this rehearsal went so smoothly. Taking time to unwind in the days leading up to the big day is something few girls do, but it truly makes for a happier bride, better photos and a more enjoyable wedding experience.

In keeping with the chill vibe of this Stacy & David #3(Blog) wedding, Stacy recruited Kent Knorr of the North Carolina Ukulele Academy to bring a bit of Hawaii to the East Coast. Cradling the tiny instrument against his 6ft+ frame he strummed each note in perfect pitch with just enough power to temper the breaking waves. Versed in a wide range of genres from island and rock to jazz and classical it is simply amazing to see what this man can do with just four strings and two octaves! It is certainly worth a trip to Aloha-U to check him out.

Location: The Point, Oak Island

Caroline & James | May 3, 3014

17 Aug

Caroline & James#1(Blog) Friends and Caroline & James #3(Blog) family frequently offer their talents to assist with the ceremony and reception. From sewing bridesmaid dresses and baking the wedding cake to arranging flowers and providing ceremony music, allowing loved ones to help can be a great way delegate items of your “to do list,” save money, and really personalize your big day. FYI most people who offer, genuinely want to help. So, if possible accept these gifts with gratitude. If their gifts don’t jive with your style consider proposing another way they can contribute.

Caroline & James #2(Blog) James and Caroline were thrilled when Michael offered to provide the ceremony music. Although Michael is a gifted guitarist who plays in the right genre it was important to the groom that his brother stand with him when he got married. Their solution, have Michael record his music in advance so he could focus on his best man duties during the ceremony. This turned out to be the perfect compromise, the guests were able to enjoy Michael’s music, and the couple now has a wonderful keepsake CD to remember their special day.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach, NC