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Victoria & Alex | May 18, 2014

25 Sep

Victoria & Alex #1(Blog)Victoria & Alex #3(Blog) Ahh the “Big Group Shot” one of the best wedding photos of all time.  This group picture made the short list of must haves at my own wedding and is definitely one of the photos I cherish most.  I’ve worked with many photographers and seen it done several different ways, but I must admit the folks at KMI Photography certainly do it better than most!

Immediately following the Victoria & Alex(Blog) first kiss the officiate directed everyone to turn and wave. In a blink of an eye Kevin had snapped the photo from atop his ladder and was back on the ground ready to capture the recessional.  With guests still on their feet, waving and smiling, the officiate introduced the couple as Mr. and Mrs.  Waiving turned to clapping as recessional music began and the couple made their big exit. Wow what great energy!

Another highlight today was Victoria & Alex #2(Blog) watching the groom’s aunt and grandmother embark on their first beach “four wheeling” experience. It may have taken some convincing to get them out there, however the ladies were more than happy to join Paul for a second ride afterwards, even stopping to give him a hug before heading into the reception.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Roxanne & Keith | May 17, 2014

5 Sep

Roxanne & Keith #1 (Blog)I typically try to avoid photographing the photographers, but at this wedding I couldn’t resist. Roxanne and Keith’s Roxanne & Keith#2(Blog)wedding was all about family with each of their kids playing a special role.  The groom’s daughter served as bridesmaid and his son as photographer #1. The wedding party also included the bride’s daughter and granddaughter who stood by Roxanne’s side as maid of honor and flower girl.  The bride was escorted down the aisle by her eldest son to tunes played by her youngest while her middle son joined Keith’s son as photographer #2.Roxanne & Keith#3(Blog)

Selecting Access #4 for there seaside ceremony was easy.  For it was here that Roxanne and Keith’s love story began with a first date which included a drive to beautiful Wrightsville Beach and romantic walk along this very shore.

Location: Wrightsville Beach, Access #4