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Kathryn & Eric | May 24, 2014

23 Oct

Kathyrn & Eric #4(Blog) As luck would have it, Paul finished our new small pavilion on the eve of Kathryn and Eric’s wedding. Of course I decided “we” (i.e. Paul) should reconfigure the small arbor with new, larger bamboo smack in the middle of wedding season, but my wonderful husband somehow made it happen. Kathryn & Eric #2(Blog)An impressive feat considering he works full time and is currently training for a half ironman.

As usual, his timing was spot on! We couldn’t have picked a better day or a nicer group for the “big reveal.” The weather was perfect and the wedding party was awesome. Everyone got along beautifully and they all genuinely seemed excited to be a part of Kathryn and Eric’s big day.

The bride and bridesmaids had some of the best wedding hair I’ve seen all year. It was the perfect combination of bobby pins and hair spray resulting in “beach proof hair” ready to endure nearly an hour of wind and humidity. Six beautiful updos and not one hair slid out of place, Impressive! Kathryn & Eric #3(Blog)

A few days after the ceremony, Paul and I received the most thoughtful thank you note from the bride’s parents highlighting specific interactions we shared with them throughout the planning process and wedding day. We were truly humbled by their kind words and so appreciate them taking the time to write. I keep this letter in a special place and read it from time to time; it still brightens my day. I love this business! Kathryn & Eric #1(Blog)
Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach