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Jennifer & Glenn | June 8, 2014

27 Dec

Jennifer & Glenn #2(Blog) Jennifer & Glenn #1(Blog) Once a Wilmington girl always a Wilmington girl. There’s just something magical about this place. So many of our brides grew up vacationing on our sandy shore or called it home while attending UNCW. With so many fond memories it’s no surprise many of them choose to get married here.

Although Jennifer currently resides in Jennifer & Glenn #4(Blog) Virginia, but as a UNCW Alumni, picking a location was one of the easiest decisions of the wedding planning process. Other easy decisions included choosing daughter Emma to be her maid of honor and selecting a beautiful pair of tiffany blue pumps to sport beneath her gown.

Deciding when to end the first kiss, however proved a bit more challenging. We always tell our brides to kiss for at least three seconds to allow the photographer Jennifer & Glenn(Blog) to get that perfect shot. This couple certainly took our advice to heart. Jennifer and Glenn’s first kiss was sweet and tasteful, but a bit too long for Emma who decided it was time to move things along. After a gentle clearing of her throat failed to break their lip lock, the pint size maid stepped onto the platform and inserted the bride’s bouquet between the couple. Everyone laughed as the kiss came to an end and Glenn bent down to give his new stepdaughter a hug.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Clarice & James | June 7, 2014

22 Dec

Clarice & James #1(Blog) It’s no secret that Clarice & James #4(Blog) wedding planning entails a lot of decision making, but few are more important that choosing a wedding party. With friends and family assuming they’ll be asked, it’s important to tread carefully to ensure peace, now and in the years ahead. Remember, most people feel it’s an honor not an obligation to be part of your special day so even if you want to keep your bridal party small, Clarice & James #2(Blog) consider assigning special responsibilities to those near and dear.

Fortunately for Clarice and James this wasn’t an issue. When it came time to choose a bridal party their motto was “The more the merrier.” With a total of 9 bridesmaids, 9 groomsmen, 1 flower gir1, 1 ring bearer, 2 singers, 2 hostesses, and 1 coordinator this bride and groom made sure each of their close friends and family had a special role.
Location: Fort Fisher, NC

Shaun & Darryl | May 31, 2014

12 Dec

Shawn & Darryl(Blog)
Shaun and Darryl’s proposal story Shawn & Darryl #2(Blog)is one of my all time favorites. He’s from Massachusetts and she’s from Idaho, but fate and the US Air Force brought them together in beautiful North Carolina. Love bloomed and a few years later Darryl decided to propose. He bought a ring, selected a serene outdoor location and prepared a few heartfelt words. Naturally she said yes but the surprises didn’t end there.

Shaun & Darryl #4(Blog) During his proposal on bended knee Darrell pulled out his second gift of the day, a picture of him and Shaun’s dad. Yes, unbeknownst to Shawn, prior to asking her to be his wife, Darrell traveled all the way from North Carolina to Idaho. He met his future father-in-law for the very first time and ask for Shawn’s hand in marriage. How sweet it that!

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach