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Alyssa & Amer | August 16, 2014

11 Feb

Alyssa 2(Blog)Alyssa 3(Blog)For girls electing to wear 3-inch heels at the reception, a barefoot processional may be a bit challenging.  Most bridal gowns are altered in heels with the front of the dress hemmed just above the ground.  A shoeless bride may find herself in a pool of satin and lace, which makes for an awkward walk down the aisle.  I have often thought that a clever front bustle just above the ankle would be the perfect solution, but have yet to see one in action.

Alyssa #5(Blog)It may seem impractical, but I certainly understand why so many girls want to keep their shoes on for the ceremony. Heels elongate the body, tighten the rear and soften the walk. Besides being a symbol of femininity the right pair of heels complete the look and give the bride a subtle way to showcase her unique style. While simple white wedding shoes were the norm for some time bridal shoes today are anything but boring.  Choices vary from candy-colored pumps and glittery peep-toes to whimsical wedges and patterned platforms. Today’s bride doesn’t buy a shoe just for her wedding day, she seeks out fabulous footwear to show off and wear again later.

It is no surprise that many Alyssa_edited-2(2)heel-wearing brides have graced the Beachside Occasions walkway (which was actually designed with the shoe wearing bride in mind). Our hand crafted wooden walkway can be ordered in sections up to 100 feet and is one of the items that most differentiates us from other set-up companies in town.  The wooden walkway is a main selling point for brides like Alyssa.  Her wedding day vision included 11 well-dressed bridesmaids, each maid in their choice of stylish mocha heels.  So we ran 40 feet of walkway right off the bottom of the stairs and paired each lady with groomsman during both the processional and recessional for extra balance coming down the stairs.

Location: The Isles, Ocean Isle Beach

Cassie & Wes | July 18, 2014

7 Feb

Cassie & Wes 2(Blog) With only 52 SaturdaysCassie & Wes #3(Blog) in a year (20 in peak wedding months) more and more brides are considering Friday weddings.  This new trend has many advantages for destination beach brides in particular.

First, Friday weddings reduce competition for caterers, photographers, and venues.  With many brides booking key vendors more than a year in advance, selecting a non Saturday wedding date is a good way to get who you want without having to wait.  Second, vendors often offer reduced prices on “non-peak” days meaning more money in your pocket for the honeymoon.

Cassie & Wes #4 (Blog)Third, beaches are less crowded on weekdays allowing for a more intimate ceremony and less bathing suit clad folks in your photos.  Forth, Friday weddings are great for out of town guests.  No need to cut the reception short in order to catch an early morning flight home.  During Friday night reception guests can party all night, have all day Saturday to recuperate and safely travel home on Sunday.

A Friday wedding was certainly a perfect fit for this destination bride from West Virginia and her nearly 90 out of town guests.  After the formal festivities were over they still had a full day to enjoy the beach and hotel pool.  Favorite moment of the ceremony was watching Cassie and her dad walk down the aisle to a rendition of “Love is All Around” by The Troggs, preformed on guitar by two of the couple’s friends.

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach