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Amy & Josh | October 24, 2014

26 Apr

Amy & Josh #4(Blog)Over the years I’ve witnessedAmy & Josh #1.1(Blog) many blended family weddings with children from past relationships. Most choose to include their kids in some special way.  After all, marriage is more than the union of two people, it’s a blending of two families.   If you have kids, asking them to participate in the ceremony can be a wonderful idea.  It not only symbolizes the creation of your new family but can also be an important step in fostering this new relationship.
Amy & Josh #2(Blog)Age didn’t stop Amy from asking her daughter to stand beside her as Jr. Maid of Honor and Josh from inviting his son to be the Jr. Best Man.  The kids were more than happy to take on the responsibility and fulfilled their roles beautifully; delivering the rings, holding the bouquet, fixing the brides dress and even walking down the aisle arm and arm just like the adults at the end of the ceremony.

Location: Fort Fisher Recreational Area

Jill & Brian | October 11, 2014

19 Apr

Jill & Brian #1(Blog)Jill & Brian #3 (Blog)Gone are the days of gender specific sides. More and more modern day brides are choosing to include close guy friends on their side. “Bridesmen” and “groomswomen” may not be the norm, but they are certainly growing in popularity. These roles may still be evolving, but I’m pretty sure this trend is here to stay. Although there are no hard and fast rules yet, generally speaking there are a few adjustments that need to be made.

First, bridesmen wear suits and groomswomen wear dresses. Styles and colors may match other wedding party members of the same gender or closely align with those on their side of the aisle.  Second, bridesmen don’t carry bouquets or hold the bride’s bouquet for her during the ceremony. This responsibility is usually reserved for the first lady in line standing closest to the bride.

Navigating the processional and recessional can be a Jill & Brian #4 (Blog)bit tricky. When the wedding party includes a bridesman and a groomswomen the two are usually paired together, however when the gender split is uneven they may walk single file or side by side. Of course if you’re an easygoing bride with a fun loving bridesman you may let him ham it up with a jig down the aisle, arm and arm with a groomsman.

Great weddings like great marriages include moments of humor, sincerity and love.  Having witnessed all three in this ceremony, it looks like this marriage is off to a strong start.

Location: Holiday Inn Sunspree, Wrightsville Beach

Jill & Brian #2(Blog)

Tina & Jim | September 20, 2014

16 Apr

Tina & Jim #3 (Blog)Tina & Him #4 (Blog) Although I love beach weddings, I always get excited when a bride books us for an alternative location. Trading sand and surf for trees and turf can really change the look of our pavilions and the feel of your wedding. Water front locations don’t have to be limited to the beach. There are lots of beautiful locations in this area. If you need some suggestions please give us a call.

Tina originally booked us for her Ocean Isle Beach wedding, but decided to change both her vision and venue after finding Brick Landing Plantation. The venue was recently renovated and offers breathtaking views of the waterway with options for both indoor and outdoor receptions. The ceremony took place on the golf course overlooking the intracoastal waterway. Guest were invited to the veranda for cocktails as the wedding party posed for photos down below. The reception Tina & Jim #2 (Blog)continued on the adjacent lawn beneath the glow of string lights and the waning rays of daylight. Long tables played with white cloths dressed with burlap and yellow wildflowers create an elegant yet inviting vibe for dinner and dancing. Yes, I would definitely recommend Brick Landing Plantation to future brides.

Christine & Jimmy | September 20, 2014

8 Apr

Christine & Jimmy 1(Blog)There’s no denying the bride Christine & Jimmy 3 (Blog)is the star of the wedding, but when she opens up the bridal party to darling little ones she best be prepared to share the spotlight.

The ideal flower girl/ring bearer is approximately four to eight years old; young enough to be adorable, yet old enough to follow instructions. Of course when the bride’s favorite niece or nephew falls below the cutoff leaving him or her out may not be an option. Best piece of advice, if your going to include toddlers in your wedding have reasonable expectations and an attentive parent/grandparent nearby just incase things do go awry.

Christine & Jimmy 2 (Blog)This probably isn’t the exit photo Christine and Jimmy had envisioned in the months leading up to their wedding, but it made for a cute moment which left everyone (including the bride and groom) in stiches. Dylan, the youngest of three kids in the wedding decided to go rouge during the last moments of the ceremony. Fortunately Grandma Liz was seated steps away. Just as the couple turned toward the crowd to be introduced for the first time as husband and wife, a gust of wind grabbed Christine’s veil sending it cascading to the ground. Maid of Honor Stephanie leapt to the platform in an attempt to capture the flailing veil, as Grandma Liz scooped little Dylan from the aisle.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach