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Natalie & James | April 10, 2015

28 Jun

Natalie & James #1(Blog)

Spring 2015 marked big IMG_2840 (2) (Blog)changes for Carolina Beach as the town completed the finishing touches on its on its new boardwalk just weeks before wedding season was set to began. Bigger, wider and better than ever the new boardwalk, which runs from the Courtyard Marriott all the way down to Harper Street,  features 5 beach accesses, stylish lighting and lots of cozy bench swings.

Natalie & James #2 (Blog)Not sure Natalie and James knew renovations were in the works (we certainly didn’t) when they booked their wedding here nearly a year ago, but it was definitely a wonderful surprise.  Favorite moments of the day included Natalie’s processional down the aisle to Cannon in D escorted by her two brothers and the sweet embrace she shared with James just before the couple’s first kiss.


Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach

Katie & Cooper | March 31, 2015

14 Jun

Katie & Cooper #2 (Blog)Katie & Cooper #3 (Blog)Friday the 13th proved lucky for Katie and Cooper who had their pick of vendors as well as unusually nice weather for early March.  The couple actually chose this date to coincide with the brother of the groom’s leave (he’s active military).  Sadly Cooper’s brother wasn’t able to attend, however Cooper’s sister-in-law and daughter/flower girl were there to share in the couple’s special day.

Although we’ve seen an uptick in Friday weddings, this was our first on this not-so-sought-after date.  Many superstitious brides shy away from Friday the 13th, but choosing to say “I do” on this ominous date definitely has  some advantages.  First it’s easy to remember.  No fear your guests will forget this date anytime soon, everyone will be talking about your Friday the 13th wedding for years to come.  Second, low demand for this date means deep discounts when it comes to florists, photographers and venues.Katie and Cooper #1 (Blog)Location: Wrightsville Beach, Access #43



Elizabeth & David | October 25, 2014

6 Jun

Elizabeth & David #1 (Blog)The signing of Elizabeth & David #3 (Blog)the wedding license typically occurs at the conclusion of the ceremony after all the guests have departed for the reception. Although it is an important part of the wedding the license is rarely photographed or seen by anyone other than the best man and maid of honor.  They usually sign as official witnesses to the marriage just before it is sent to the clerk of court for recordation. A few weeks later the wedding license is returned to the couple where it gets tucked away at the back of file cabinet amongst old tax returns and appliance manuals (at least that’s where I keep mine).
Elizabeth & David #2 (Blog)However, in the Quaker tradition signing the wedding certificate is a central part of the ceremony, witnessed by all who attend the wedding and displayed in the home long after the festivities are over.  At this Quaker wedding, a special calligrapher was hired to hand inscribe the couples names, wedding date and marriage declarations on a linen like woven paper that stood nearly three feet tall. Following the exchange of rings the couple was presented with a pen to sign their commitment in ink. Elizabeth’s uncle took special care to ensure each guest then signed below beginning with the immediate family. What a wonderful keepsake of the couple’s commitment to one anther and the promise of support from all that shared their special day.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach