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Lindsay & Collin | June 20, 2015

29 Nov

Lindsay & Collin (Blog)

Access #12 is not a great Lindsay & Collin #3 (Blog)spot for parking.  However it’s ideal for a beach wedding if you happen to secure the house located at 11 Sandpiper Lane for the weekend and hire a shuttle service to transport guests to and from your reception venue. June can be a bit warm and today was no exception.   Fortunately the couple planned ahead setting up a refreshment stand in the shaded garden adjoining the first floor of the beach house.  After a quick ceremony on the beach it was back to the air-conditioned shuttles and off to Bluewater Grill for an intracostal front reception.

Lindsay & Collin #2 (Blog)Although the couple now resides in sunny California they chose to to come back to beautiful North Carolina to say “I do.”  I can’t say I’m surprised.  Spend four years at UNC-Wilmington and you’ll most likely be a life long Wrightsville Beach girl too!

Location: Access #12, Wrightsville Beach

Christea & Joe | June 20, 2015

22 Nov

Christea & Joe #1 Christea #11(Blog)I can confidently say Access #40 at Sunset beach makes my list of the top three longest walks down the aisle on the eastern North Carolina shoreline (along with the Crystal Pier at Wrightsville and Southern Charm at Holden).  I don’t usually go through the trouble of taking measurements but for this instance I made an exception. I just don’t think this photo does it justice.

Yes, the distance from one end of the boardwalk to the other is exactly 326 steps not including the walk on the sand to the pavilion.

Fortunately we had a fairlyChristea #12_edited-1 athletic crowd who all made it to the ceremony without incident; correction, all but one. When the young ring bearer made his way to the sand, his eyes lit up and a mischievous smile appeared across his face.  At that moment he dove head first into the sand and started to roll down the aisle. Luckily his slightly older sister/flower girl happily dragged him by the arm the rest of the way smoothing out the sand for the bride and making for a great story.

Location: Access #40, Sunset Beach

Melena & Dave | June 5, 2015

15 Nov

Melena & Dave #1(Blog)
I love gold on the beach.  It photographs Melena & Dave #3 (Blog)really well and goes great with almost any other color.  Although the majority of our brides typically select a color package to match their bridesmaid dresses I must admit, some of my favorite weddings include color packages in contrasting shades.  This is great advice especially for brides with unique color selections.  Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to match your maids consider introducing a second color.  Navy, gold and plum top my list of favorites as they compliment almost any shade.

June 5th was a beautiful day for a beach wedding.  Aside from perfect weather there were very few people visiting the beach creating a intimate feel.  With almost no humidity and an ever so subtle breeze even those in full suits looked cool and dry as they left theMelena & Dave #2 (Blog) beach and headed to the reception.

I loved how this couple decided to include their moms in the sand ceremony.  It certainly made for a touching moment and a sweet photo.  As the couple recessed down the aisle to “A Beautiful Day” by U2, I couldn’t help but smile.  I can’t imagine a better song to describe this wedding.

Location: Holiday Inn Sunspree, Wrightsville Beach

Erica & Dennis | May 28, 2015

8 Nov

Erica & Dennis #4 (Blog)May 28th marked our onlyErica & Dennis #1(Blog) (1)
Thursday wedding of the year. Weekday weddings may be a bit untraditional, but they are certainly growing in popularity among destination brides. They often bring friends and family to the coast for a celebration that lasts several days instead of just one night. I love beach house weddings for this reason.   Also, picking a “non-Saturday” date usually means a wider selection of vendors at reduced rates. Bonus!

Erica & Dennis #6 (Blog)Working with Erica was certainly fun. From the beginning this bride had a clear and creative vision, which included sparing no expense when it came to flowers and introducing a fun new color palate to our portfolio.  Just for fun, after the ceremony we switched lime and pink parasols for raspberry ones and took a few photos.   Wow, it’s amazing how a slight change in color palette can alter the look and feel of the set-up.

Location: 69 West First Street, Ocean Isle Beach