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Meredith & Zach | August 15, 2015

29 Apr

Meredith & Zach #1 (Blog)

Meredith & Zach #3 (Blog)The first time I met Meredith and Zach we were standing on Crystal Pier in down pouring rain. As we stood huddled up against the restaurant I could sense their concern.  This is definitely not the way I want to meet any bride and groom.  Yes, occasionally beach weddings do get rained out, but believe it or not this rarely happens.  The rain usually clears or we get a break in the clouds long enough to squeeze in the ceremony.  Fortunately this isolated shower wasn’t enough to deter this couple from having a seaside ceremony.

A few short weeks later it was time to say “I do,” so back to the Oceanic we went.  In true August style it was hot, but completely dry.  In fact it turned out to be a great beach day.  The restaurant was packed, but the patrons were super polite.  Many crowded the rail with cell phones in hand hoping to snap Meredith & Zach #2 (Blog) a cute picture of the bride and groom.  Standing on the beach not a peep could be heard from the busy crowd standing on the pier above.  However that all changed at the conclusion of the ceremony when wedding guests and restaurant patrons joined together with celebratory cheers as the couple shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Location: Oceanic Restaurant, Wrightsville Beach



Cassandra & Calvin | August 14, 2015

3 Apr

Cassandra & Calvin (Blog)Cassandra & Calvin #2 (Blog)The sand ceremony represents two becoming one.  As the bride and groom pour different colored sand into a common vessel the officiant explains: “Just at these sands can never be divided so will their marriage be.”  Aside from being a sweet symbol of unity, it is also a fun exercise in team work.  Pouring sand into a tiny opening with your new spouse under the watchful eyes of friends and family can be a bit nerve racking.  Yes, on more than one occasion we’ve seen this go wrong.  Fortunately today was not one of those days.  Not only did this couple make it look effortless, but they were able to do it while exchanging playful banter with a smile.  If the sand ceremony is any indication of marital harmony Cassandra and Calvin are certainly off to a great start.

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach