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Alison & Andy | October 3, 2015

11 Sep

Alison & Andy #1 (Blog)

Although we can’t promise our brides perfect weather on their wedding day, we do promise to do everything possible to make the ceremony happen on the beach.  So far our success rate has been pretty good thanks in large part to our hard working, creative crew.

The weekend of OctoberAlison & Andy #22(Blog) 2nd brought torrential rain to the North Carolina Coast.  The combination of Hurricane Joaquin passing well to the east, an upper level low pressure system off the Southeast U.S. coast and a stalled cold front resulted in 16 inches of rain. As noted in my previous posts one of my favorite things about working at Shell Island is the vast beach front. We never have to worry about the tide line here. In fact, the distance to the ocean is so great that we often end up transporting grandparents back and forth to the ceremony in the Beachside Occasions truck.

However, on the morning of October 3rd we arrived to find the ocean all the way up to the hotel. Needless to say the bride and her dad were very concerned. After prompting Alison’s bridesmaids to get her another mimosa we headed to the beach with her dad to check out our options. Recognizing there was little chance that the 4-foot-deep tide covering the ceremony location would subside before our predetermined start time we headed south looking for a dry spot large enough to accommodate our large pavilion and 48 chairs.  As luck would have it, we found just enough beach one access down and with the bride’s okay set-up commenced at Access #2.

Alison & Andy #3(Blog)This wedding taught me two things.  First, there is usually (not always) plenty of beach in front of the Shell Island Resort.  Second, torrential rain is no match for a flexible bride and a resourceful Beachside Occasions crew.


Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach


Terri & Kyra | September 25, 2016

9 Sep


Terri & Kyra #2(Blog)For most beach brides feeling the sand between their toes is one of the draws of a seaside ceremony.  However, we’ve had more than a few bride’s express concerns about walking long distances in the sand, especially if they are planning to wear shoes and/or have full skirted gowns.  Although we always give our brides the option to set-up closer to the dunes in order to shorten their walk, the best pictures always come from the weddings on the ocean’s edge. 

I love Fort Fisher for many reasons, but the walk to the shore is certainly not one of them.    Although the second berm offers a spectacular view of the ocean the
trek out there in formal attire can be a bit challenging.  Our solution at this wedding was to run 80 feet of walkway making this the longest aisle in Beachside Occasion’s history! 

Location: Fort Fisher Recreation, Fort Fisher