Terri & Kyra | September 25, 2016

9 Sep


Terri & Kyra #2(Blog)For most beach brides feeling the sand between their toes is one of the draws of a seaside ceremony.  However, we’ve had more than a few bride’s express concerns about walking long distances in the sand, especially if they are planning to wear shoes and/or have full skirted gowns.  Although we always give our brides the option to set-up closer to the dunes in order to shorten their walk, the best pictures always come from the weddings on the ocean’s edge. 

I love Fort Fisher for many reasons, but the walk to the shore is certainly not one of them.    Although the second berm offers a spectacular view of the ocean the
trek out there in formal attire can be a bit challenging.  Our solution at this wedding was to run 80 feet of walkway making this the longest aisle in Beachside Occasion’s history! 

Location: Fort Fisher Recreation, Fort Fisher


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