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Natalie & Jason | April 2, 2016

17 Mar

Yes wedding planning is primarily the bride’s domain, but the best weddings are those that take both people’s ideas into account. After all, marriage is all about teamwork. So if your groom is interested in being part of the process, let him and if he isn’t, encourage him to become involved.

Giving your groom special
projects that cater to his interests can really help get him in the wedding spirit and excited about the planning process. It will also show that you value his opinion and trust his judgement. Of course I’m not suggesting handing over full reign of vision and decor, but most grooms are more than capable of helping out with a few specific projects and appreciate being asked to participate.

Natalie and Jason’s seaside ceremony was the perfect mix of her vision and his ingenuity. She handled the music, flowers, food and reception decor. He helped out with the wedding ring selection and directional signage which included a nod to his favorite pastime, fishing!


Location: Holden Beach, NC