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Toni & Geoffrey | September 18, 2015

11 Aug

Toni & Geoffrey #1 (Blog)

For some brides picking the perfect beach access can be a daunting task.  With so many great locations simply narrowing it down to a specific beach can be challenging.  However, for this bride selecting a site for her seaside ceremony was the easy part. Toni & Geoffrey #3 (Blog) Before Geoffrey even proposed Toni new exactly where she wanted to say “I do.”  Hidden in the residential section of Carolina Beach near the north end is Seahorse Lane.  With only four public parking spaces, this beach access is easy to miss and does not appear logistically sound for a wedding of 40+ people, but for Toni this was the ideal location.

Her walk down the aisle would also be a walk down memory lane.  The bride and her family enjoyed many summers at this very spot swimming in the ocean and building sandcastles on the shore.  For their daughter’s big day Toni’s parents were able to secure several homes at and around this access providing ample space for parking and a fun few days for family and friends to reconnect. I have a feeling this family will continue to make memories at Seahorse Lane for years to come.

Toni & Geoffrey #2 (Blog)Location: Seahorse Lane, Carolina Beach

Meredith & Zach | August 15, 2015

29 Apr

Meredith & Zach #1 (Blog)

Meredith & Zach #3 (Blog)The first time I met Meredith and Zach we were standing on Crystal Pier in down pouring rain. As we stood huddled up against the restaurant I could sense their concern.  This is definitely not the way I want to meet any bride and groom.  Yes, occasionally beach weddings do get rained out, but believe it or not this rarely happens.  The rain usually clears or we get a break in the clouds long enough to squeeze in the ceremony.  Fortunately this isolated shower wasn’t enough to deter this couple from having a seaside ceremony.

A few short weeks later it was time to say “I do,” so back to the Oceanic we went.  In true August style it was hot, but completely dry.  In fact it turned out to be a great beach day.  The restaurant was packed, but the patrons were super polite.  Many crowded the rail with cell phones in hand hoping to snap Meredith & Zach #2 (Blog) a cute picture of the bride and groom.  Standing on the beach not a peep could be heard from the busy crowd standing on the pier above.  However that all changed at the conclusion of the ceremony when wedding guests and restaurant patrons joined together with celebratory cheers as the couple shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Location: Oceanic Restaurant, Wrightsville Beach



Cassandra & Calvin | August 14, 2015

3 Apr

Cassandra & Calvin (Blog)Cassandra & Calvin #2 (Blog)The sand ceremony represents two becoming one.  As the bride and groom pour different colored sand into a common vessel the officiant explains: “Just at these sands can never be divided so will their marriage be.”  Aside from being a sweet symbol of unity, it is also a fun exercise in team work.  Pouring sand into a tiny opening with your new spouse under the watchful eyes of friends and family can be a bit nerve racking.  Yes, on more than one occasion we’ve seen this go wrong.  Fortunately today was not one of those days.  Not only did this couple make it look effortless, but they were able to do it while exchanging playful banter with a smile.  If the sand ceremony is any indication of marital harmony Cassandra and Calvin are certainly off to a great start.

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach




Helen & Antoine | August 2, 2015

20 Mar

Helen & Antoine #11(Blog)

Helen & Antoine #33(Blog)Sunday marked the second wedding of the weekend at Shell Island.  This time the couple was local.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts most of our couples are from out of town.  I love hearing stories of far away places and how couples found themselves saying “I do” at the North Carolina coast.  We love this place and we are glad you love it too!  But there is something special about local brides.  They often introduce me to new vendors and creative ideas.

Helen and Antione’s desire to Helen & Antoine #44(Blog)save the aisle for the bride was definitely novel, but the execution proved a bit challenging.  With a bridal party of 24 including parents and grandparents ensuring a seamless processional was a must.  Our solution?  Three aisles!  Bridesmaids and groomsmen entered in pairs but separated at the brides aisle with groomsmen walking up the left aisle and bridesmaids up the right.   As the bride appeared, two cousins sitting in the back row pulled the blue sashes opening the center aisle for Helen’s big entrance.  Cool and practical, especially for a large wedding like this.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Helen & Antoine #22 (Blog)

Cassandra & Marc | August 1, 2015

27 Feb

Cassandra & Marc (Blog #2)August 1st marked our Cassandra & Marc #1 (Blog)first wedding of the year at Shell Island Resort.  I love this location because even at high tide there is always plenty of beach. Summer days are usually hot and active so many brides opt for morning weddings to avoid the heat and the crowds.  Cassandra and Marc’s 10:00am wedding did just that.

Morning weather is pretty predictable, but today was a bit unusual.  The coast was buffered by clouds masking the sun and making for very little wind.   Interestingly, the milky iridescent sky illuminated the beach with an intensity similar to that of a cloud free morning sun.  Parasols were out in full force as the bride made her way down the aisle.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests gathered at the end of the aisle for a bubble send-off.  The still air resulted in a great concentration of bubbles creating a fun effervescent effect.  Another fun wedding at Shell Island, can’t wait to post more north end weddings this year!

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Cassandra & Marc #3 (Blog)

Evangeline and Vincent | July 18, 2015

7 Feb

Evangeline and Vincent #1 (Blog)For most brides a Evangeline and Vincent #2 (Blog)wedding
on the North Carolina coast is a destination event that requires several months of logistical planning.  Although some live within a few hours drive, we’ve worked with brides as far away as California and Mexico.  Many make the trip to check out the ceremony location and meet us prior to booking, but a handful don’t lay eyes on their venue until a few days before the big event.

For this North Carolina groom and his Filipino bride micromanaging the details was not an option.  Although we exchanged e-mails and photos in the weeks leading up to their special day it wasn’t until two days before their wedding that we actually got to meet.  For a laid back couple like Evangeline and Vincent the surprises that unfolded during their wedding made it all the more special.

Location: Access #19, Wrightsville Beach


Lindsay & Collin | June 20, 2015

29 Nov

Lindsay & Collin (Blog)

Access #12 is not a great Lindsay & Collin #3 (Blog)spot for parking.  However it’s ideal for a beach wedding if you happen to secure the house located at 11 Sandpiper Lane for the weekend and hire a shuttle service to transport guests to and from your reception venue. June can be a bit warm and today was no exception.   Fortunately the couple planned ahead setting up a refreshment stand in the shaded garden adjoining the first floor of the beach house.  After a quick ceremony on the beach it was back to the air-conditioned shuttles and off to Bluewater Grill for an intracostal front reception.

Lindsay & Collin #2 (Blog)Although the couple now resides in sunny California they chose to to come back to beautiful North Carolina to say “I do.”  I can’t say I’m surprised.  Spend four years at UNC-Wilmington and you’ll most likely be a life long Wrightsville Beach girl too!

Location: Access #12, Wrightsville Beach

Christea & Joe | June 20, 2015

22 Nov

Christea & Joe #1 Christea #11(Blog)I can confidently say Access #40 at Sunset beach makes my list of the top three longest walks down the aisle on the eastern North Carolina shoreline (along with the Crystal Pier at Wrightsville and Southern Charm at Holden).  I don’t usually go through the trouble of taking measurements but for this instance I made an exception. I just don’t think this photo does it justice.

Yes, the distance from one end of the boardwalk to the other is exactly 326 steps not including the walk on the sand to the pavilion.

Fortunately we had a fairlyChristea #12_edited-1 athletic crowd who all made it to the ceremony without incident; correction, all but one. When the young ring bearer made his way to the sand, his eyes lit up and a mischievous smile appeared across his face.  At that moment he dove head first into the sand and started to roll down the aisle. Luckily his slightly older sister/flower girl happily dragged him by the arm the rest of the way smoothing out the sand for the bride and making for a great story.

Location: Access #40, Sunset Beach

Erica & Dennis | May 28, 2015

8 Nov

Erica & Dennis #4 (Blog)May 28th marked our onlyErica & Dennis #1(Blog) (1)
Thursday wedding of the year. Weekday weddings may be a bit untraditional, but they are certainly growing in popularity among destination brides. They often bring friends and family to the coast for a celebration that lasts several days instead of just one night. I love beach house weddings for this reason.   Also, picking a “non-Saturday” date usually means a wider selection of vendors at reduced rates. Bonus!

Erica & Dennis #6 (Blog)Working with Erica was certainly fun. From the beginning this bride had a clear and creative vision, which included sparing no expense when it came to flowers and introducing a fun new color palate to our portfolio.  Just for fun, after the ceremony we switched lime and pink parasols for raspberry ones and took a few photos.   Wow, it’s amazing how a slight change in color palette can alter the look and feel of the set-up.

Location: 69 West First Street, Ocean Isle Beach

Carol & Chuck | May 16, 2015

20 Aug

Carol & Chuck #7 Carol & Chuck #4 (Blog)A cautionary tale for brides considering entrusting young ring bearers with wedding rings; think twice before you do. At four years old, Cole is the second of two little boys we’ve had lose rings in the sand. As guests stood with backs to the wedding party watching the bride walk down the stairs the groomsmen discretely alerted a few guests sitting in the front about the missing a ring.

Carol & Chuck #5 (Blog)The ceremony continued as planned with the bride blissfully unaware of the issue at hand as a few guests and several bystanders sifted through sand on their hands and knees retracing Cole’s path back to the stairs. When it came time to exchange rings the officiant motioned for the bride and groom to lean in and calmly explained we were missing one ring.

Carol & Chuck #3 (Blog)After reassuring the bride we would find it after the ceremony Carol nodded in agreement and the best man handed over his own ring. When the ceremony ended one of the guests flagged down a man with a metal detector to aid in the search. Unfortunately when rings fall in the sand they almost always go under making them extremely difficult to locate.

Carol & Chuck#2 (Blog)However, as luck would have it the mother of the groom felt something hard and smooth brush against her toe and she reached down to find the missing ring. With the band safely in hand she raised her arm high in the air and announced the search was over. Everyone cheered as she made her way down the aisle and handed over the ring.

After thanking her mother-in-law profusely, the overjoyed bride turned to her new husband for the second ring exchange of the day.  Carol and Chuck are such a sweet couple.  I’m so glad this story has a happy ending!Carol & Chuck (Blog)

Location: St. Regis Resort, Topsail Island