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Samantha & Johnny | May 14, 2016

8 Jun

Although Beachside Occasions specializes in wedding ceremonies on the beach, we have yet to find a location we can’t accommodate. Three of our four pavilions include floating platforms allowing us to set-up on virtually any flat surface without leaving a mark. From gardens and ballrooms to verandas and piers we provide unique ceremony set-ups that are sure to please!

When Samantha and Johnny contacted us looking for a secluded waterfront ceremony we knew the perfect spot. Nestled in the shoreline of the Cape Fear River at the intersection of Independence Blvd and River Road is a 20-acre waterfront oasis.  The immense 480-foot pier is perfect for brides desiring a private waterfront ceremony free from sand and onlookers.  There is also a large clubhouse onsite for receptions. Four spacious suites on the second floor provide overnight accommodations and a space to get ready prior to the ceremony.  Watermark Marina is it truly is the perfect alternative to sand and surf.

The father of the bride owns Fish Bites, one of the best seafood restaurants in town so naturally his crew provided the catering.  Although I know he hated to forgo a busy Saturday night crowd, he actually closed for the wedding and brought the entire staff to Watermark Marina.  This proud father allowed the bride and groom, who also work at the restaurant, to select an incredible menu which included every kind of seafood imaginable and the most delicious looking spread we have ever seen.

Location: Watermark Marina

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Alex & Justin | October 24, 2015

14 Jan

alex-justin-4-blogWhy We Love Fort Fisher Ocean Grove

Its got a great ocean view and a magnificent live oak canopy to shade your guests from the sun.

There is free parking directly across the street and easy access to restrooms.

Why Fort Fisher Loves Us

Our floating platform and wooden walkway looks fantastic and leaves no trace (no digging or raking required).  Set-up is quick and there’s no evidence we have been here after we leave.

Why Alex and Justin Love This Place

Justin took Alex on their first date here and it’s where he popped the question a few years later.

Why I Love This Bride

She’s a tall girl like me and not afraid to rock heels down the aisle

Location: Fort Fisher Ocean Grove, Fort Fisher


Terri & Kyra | September 25, 2016

9 Sep


Terri & Kyra #2(Blog)For most beach brides feeling the sand between their toes is one of the draws of a seaside ceremony.  However, we’ve had more than a few bride’s express concerns about walking long distances in the sand, especially if they are planning to wear shoes and/or have full skirted gowns.  Although we always give our brides the option to set-up closer to the dunes in order to shorten their walk, the best pictures always come from the weddings on the ocean’s edge. 

I love Fort Fisher for many reasons, but the walk to the shore is certainly not one of them.    Although the second berm offers a spectacular view of the ocean the
trek out there in formal attire can be a bit challenging.  Our solution at this wedding was to run 80 feet of walkway making this the longest aisle in Beachside Occasion’s history! 

Location: Fort Fisher Recreation, Fort Fisher


Amy & Josh | October 24, 2014

26 Apr

Amy & Josh #4(Blog)Over the years I’ve witnessedAmy & Josh #1.1(Blog) many blended family weddings with children from past relationships. Most choose to include their kids in some special way.  After all, marriage is more than the union of two people, it’s a blending of two families.   If you have kids, asking them to participate in the ceremony can be a wonderful idea.  It not only symbolizes the creation of your new family but can also be an important step in fostering this new relationship.
Amy & Josh #2(Blog)Age didn’t stop Amy from asking her daughter to stand beside her as Jr. Maid of Honor and Josh from inviting his son to be the Jr. Best Man.  The kids were more than happy to take on the responsibility and fulfilled their roles beautifully; delivering the rings, holding the bouquet, fixing the brides dress and even walking down the aisle arm and arm just like the adults at the end of the ceremony.

Location: Fort Fisher Recreational Area

Mandy & Chris | August 2, 2014

1 Mar

Mandy & Chris #1(Blog) Mandy & Chris #2(Blog)I love hearing about how couples met, fell in love and decided to get married. It is particularly fun to listen to them recount their story together. I so enjoy the playful banter that ensues as each interjects sweet memories from the past, teasing one another about awkward introductions and blushing as their partner recounts the moment they knew they found the one. No two love stories are ever the same and I never tire of hearing them.

Lying on the table in the examination room at his doctor’s office is probably not where Chris thought he would meet his future wife, but fate had other plans.  Yes, I’m sure it takes a bit of courage to ask a woman out in any situation but to do so successfully while under her medical care would certainly require more than most men could muster.Mandy & Chris #3(Blog) As Chris recounted their story I could tell by the smile on Mandy’s face and the subtle way she tugged as his arm, his awkward  invitation for a first date won here over and to this day still makes her heart melt.

Location: Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

Clarice & James | June 7, 2014

22 Dec

Clarice & James #1(Blog) It’s no secret that Clarice & James #4(Blog) wedding planning entails a lot of decision making, but few are more important that choosing a wedding party. With friends and family assuming they’ll be asked, it’s important to tread carefully to ensure peace, now and in the years ahead. Remember, most people feel it’s an honor not an obligation to be part of your special day so even if you want to keep your bridal party small, Clarice & James #2(Blog) consider assigning special responsibilities to those near and dear.

Fortunately for Clarice and James this wasn’t an issue. When it came time to choose a bridal party their motto was “The more the merrier.” With a total of 9 bridesmaids, 9 groomsmen, 1 flower gir1, 1 ring bearer, 2 singers, 2 hostesses, and 1 coordinator this bride and groom made sure each of their close friends and family had a special role.
Location: Fort Fisher, NC

Rachel & Joe | May 30, 2014

15 Nov

Rachel & Joe #1_edited-1(Blog) I met Rachel and Joe at Fort Rachel & Joe #2_edited(Blog)Fisher a few weeks before their big day to discuss details and collect a few things Rachel had prepared for the ceremony. After selecting a location for their pavilion we headed to the parking lot where Joe retrieved a massive box from his car. “Items for the guest table,” Rachel remarked as I dug through the tissue paper marveling at all the stuff – neatly pressed hankies to dry happy tears,

Rachel & Joe #3(Blog) bubbles to blow as the couple made their big exit, tiny bottles for guests to collect sand mementos, wishing rocks with inspiring words and artful fans which doubled as programs. Yes, definitely going to need the large bamboo table for this one. Fortunately Rachel included a diagram and we had the foresight to do a trial run before the big day. Melissa did a great job setting everything up and ensuring the items were property distributed; don’t know what we would do without her!
The guest table was one Rachel & Joe #4(Blog) of many surprises that made this wedding truly unique. As friends and family made their way to the shore they were greeted by sounds of a five piece brass band led by the bride’s sister. Moments before the ceremony was set to begin Rachel and her father arrived in a vintage British taxi complete with driver in full uniform.
Rachel & Joe #5(Blog) During the ceremony the minister recognize the couple’s parents which made for a sweet moment and a beautiful photo. Before heading to the reception guests made a stop at our shoe rack to collect shoes and brush sand from their toes.

Location: Fort Fisher Beach

Amber & Joseph | September 7, 2013

10 Oct

Amber & Joseph #3(Blog) Amber and Joseph’s Amber & Joseph #1(Blog) wedding was my first opportunity to use coral sashes and I have to say, I think it is one of the best colors we have used thus far. It is a great contrast to the deep blue ocean our coast is famous for and one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colors of the year.

I loved that Amber asked her mom to walk her down the aisle. I could see the close bond they shared as they reminisced in the moments leading up to the ceremony.Amber & Joseph #2(Blog)

Giving her daughter away was tough, but knowing that the couple picked a house just down the street certainly made it a bit easier.

Location: Fort Fisher Recreational Area
Amber & Joseph #4(Blog)

Cathy & Troy | June 21, 2013

26 Jul

Cathy 1(Blog)Fun and casual were the two words this bride used to describe her vision of the perfect wedding. Cathy4(Blog)The couple, who live in Kure Beach, opted for a 7pm ceremony followed by a party at their home. This wedding was truly a family affair. Cathy’s son walked her down the aisle and her daughter served as maid of honor while the couple’s pooch sat beside the groom as “best dog.” Cathy5(Blog) After sharing their vows the bride and groom invited their kids up to join them in a family sand ceremony. The shy, but hilariously funny groom wore his signature hat throughout the ceremony, but decided to remove it just long enough to properly solute his new bride.Cathy3(Blog) Location: Fort Fisher Beach

Jen & Lou | May 4, 2013

7 May

Jen & Lou 1 (Blog)Rarely do we Jen & Lou 4 (Blog)have to implement “Plan B” but Saturday proved to be the exception. We arrived at Fort Fisher around 2pm and were greeted with unseasonably high winds and tumultuous surf. After assessing the situation and speaking with the ranger we decided to call the groom and see if he would consider changing the ceremony location.Jen & Lou 5(Blog)Wisley, Lou elected to relocate us to the aquarium, site of the couple’s reception. The aquarium closed at 5:00pm and we began our set-up at 5:01pm. It was the fastest set-up ever! In a little over an hour and fifteen minutes we assembled the large pavilion, 100 white resin chairs, soft bamboo runner, sea grass and wired in sound Jen & Lou 3 (Blog)for the minister and guitarist. Minutes later, guests were seated and the ceremony began. The unique layout of the courtyard, with its winding paths and lush vegetation allowed us to create an intimate venue with a tropical feel. Best of all, we had a happy bride and groom! Interested in an alternative location with a nautical feel?Jen & Lou 2 (Blog) Be sure to check out the Aquarium; it is a really cool venue with a built in ceremony “Plan B.” Special Events Coordinator Emily Clark was a pleasure to work with and she did a beautiful job with Jen and Lou’s reception. For more information on hosting a wedding at the North Carolina Fort Fisher Aquarium contact Emily Clark.