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Amy & Chris | October 25, 2015

9 Feb

amy-chris-3-blogIt’s easy to become all consumed with trivial details in the quest for a perfect wedding day.  Yes getting married is a huge deal and it should be a wonderful experience.  However, what makes it perfect isn’t food and flowers, but special people and fleeting moments.  The ability to be present and really appreciate that shared time with loved ones is what makes the wedding experience truly spectacular.  However, it’s a hard thing to do and I am always surprised when I see it happen.

The days leading up to this wedding were amy-chris-2-blogfilled with love as this bride and groom stocked every bedroom at the ocean front house with special treats for honored guests.  Handmade signs denoting each couple’s room framed the doors.  About an hour before the ceremony was set to begin the groom headed to the living room greeting his guests with warm hugs and a cold beers.  We started a bit late due to a slight mishap with the cake, but some creative friends rallied to the occasion to the sweet sound of the bride’s praises.  Cocktail hour was also a bit delayed due to extended well wishes and extra photo time will all attendees, but the bride and groom didn’t seem to mind.  After all, how often are you surround by so many special people in your life?

Location: North Topsail Island, NC



Carol & Chuck | May 16, 2015

20 Aug

Carol & Chuck #7 Carol & Chuck #4 (Blog)A cautionary tale for brides considering entrusting young ring bearers with wedding rings; think twice before you do. At four years old, Cole is the second of two little boys we’ve had lose rings in the sand. As guests stood with backs to the wedding party watching the bride walk down the stairs the groomsmen discretely alerted a few guests sitting in the front about the missing a ring.

Carol & Chuck #5 (Blog)The ceremony continued as planned with the bride blissfully unaware of the issue at hand as a few guests and several bystanders sifted through sand on their hands and knees retracing Cole’s path back to the stairs. When it came time to exchange rings the officiant motioned for the bride and groom to lean in and calmly explained we were missing one ring.

Carol & Chuck #3 (Blog)After reassuring the bride we would find it after the ceremony Carol nodded in agreement and the best man handed over his own ring. When the ceremony ended one of the guests flagged down a man with a metal detector to aid in the search. Unfortunately when rings fall in the sand they almost always go under making them extremely difficult to locate.

Carol & Chuck#2 (Blog)However, as luck would have it the mother of the groom felt something hard and smooth brush against her toe and she reached down to find the missing ring. With the band safely in hand she raised her arm high in the air and announced the search was over. Everyone cheered as she made her way down the aisle and handed over the ring.

After thanking her mother-in-law profusely, the overjoyed bride turned to her new husband for the second ring exchange of the day.  Carol and Chuck are such a sweet couple.  I’m so glad this story has a happy ending!Carol & Chuck (Blog)

Location: St. Regis Resort, Topsail Island

Tammy & Roy | July 5, 2013

2 Aug

Tammy & Roy(Blog)Tammy & Roy 2(Blog)The sun was out in full force for Tammy and Roy’s 12pm wedding so guests took full advantage of our bottle water and parasols (complementary with every outdoor package). It is always fun to set-up in front of a beach house where the wedding party is staying. We usually have a few family members come down to observe the process and share stories about the bride and groom or tell us about their own wedding. The sweetest part of this ceremony was certainly the processional. The bride and groom shared a tender “first look”, Tammy gazing down from the top of the stairs Tammy & Roy 3(Blog)and Roy looking up from the pavilion, but instead of Roy waiting for his bride to arrive, he met her in the middle of the the aisle and they walked together. As a tribute to her late father, the bride placed a cheery picture of her dad in a beach chair frame on the sand ceremony table.

Location: Topsail Beach

Meredith & Doug | 4/20/13

25 Apr

IMG_0442blogMeredith and Doug introduced me to a new vendorIMG_0395 which I think is worth mentioning to any bride considering a Topsail Beach wedding. The St. Regis Resort offers condo style one, two and three bedroom suites with many amenities. On the very top of the center building is The Atlantis Restaurant, an ocean front venue which lends itself well to wedding receptions. You can actually see IMG_0402-blogBest of all, even at high tide there is plenty of beachfront (which is not the case at many other locations on Topsail Island).
The Atlantis in the left hand corner of the photo posted above.

Location: St Regis Resort, North Topsail Island

Topsail Beach Wedding Locations

Leslie & Andy | September 23, 2012

3 Oct

The site for Leslie and Andy nuptials was in front of one of the most amazing beach houses I’ve ever seen.  The wedding was followed by  a poolside reception courtesy of Kickstand Events and included an illuminated dance floor constructed over the pool.  Everything about this wedding was incredible but what made it extra special was the history that the couple shared.


Shortly after being diagnosed with a critical illness Andy proposed to his bride and told Reverend Lowe that when he recovered he wanted Lowe to officiate the wedding.  Two years later, a healthy Andy got his wish.

This wedding was a beautiful celebration for so many reasons.

Location: Topsail Beach