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Deanna & Mark | June 4, 2016

5 Nov

Deanna & Mark #3 (Blog)Deanna & Mark #2 (Blog)

White doves provide a unique and memorable way to symbolize two becoming one.  Typically they perform perfectly on queue flying high above the ocean in sweet unison as a beautiful representation of eternal love.  However, even the best trained and most rehearsed do have a tendency to go rouge every now and then as was the case at this wedding.

The bride and groom loosened their grip and presented the doves for flight, but the birds had other plans.  Hopping to the ground for a closer look the snowy white doves strutted up and down the aisle in the light of the photographer’s flash for a good 90 seconds before taking flight and disappearing into the sky.

Location: The Point, Oak Island

Marissa & Will | October 17, 2015

31 Oct


I can’t believe the 2016 wedding season is coming to an end.  It’s been a great year, but I still have a lot of fun moments from 2015 to share.  I look forward to showcasing some great new venues and creative ceremony ideas in the months to come.

marissa-will-2blogAlthough most of our weddings take place on Wrightsville and Carolina Beach we always look forward to the opportunity to explore the surrounding coastline traveling as far north as North Topsail Island and as far south as Sunset Beach.  Today we hit the road for Oak Island.  I must admit I have a love/hate relationship with this beach.  I love the tree lined streets and the small town atmosphere.  It’s close to Southport and quick ferry ride from the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  I love its expansive shore line and the fact that even in peak season the beach is relatively quiet.  What I hate about Oak Island its limited selection of wedding venues (that is until now).

Making its debut on the island in November 2014, 801 Ocean Drive is the perfect venue for a beach wedding.  With high ceiling, enormous windows and an open floor plan this place was built with large gatherings in mind.  In addition to having a spectacular reception space 801 Ocean Drive also has plenty of space for the wedding party to get ready.  Best of all it’s ocean front.

Location: 801 Ocean Drive, Oak Island, NC


Stacy & David | May 3, 2014

28 Aug

Stacy & David #1(Blog)Stacy & David #2(Blog)David and Stacy had been at Oak Island with most of their wedding party for nearly a week when I arrived on Friday night to go through their last minute details. With everyone in full “vacation mode” it was no surprise this rehearsal went so smoothly. Taking time to unwind in the days leading up to the big day is something few girls do, but it truly makes for a happier bride, better photos and a more enjoyable wedding experience.

In keeping with the chill vibe of this Stacy & David #3(Blog) wedding, Stacy recruited Kent Knorr of the North Carolina Ukulele Academy to bring a bit of Hawaii to the East Coast. Cradling the tiny instrument against his 6ft+ frame he strummed each note in perfect pitch with just enough power to temper the breaking waves. Versed in a wide range of genres from island and rock to jazz and classical it is simply amazing to see what this man can do with just four strings and two octaves! It is certainly worth a trip to Aloha-U to check him out.

Location: The Point, Oak Island

Suzy & Travis | May 18, 2013

29 May

Suzy2(Blog)Suzy and Travis Sucy3(Blog)travelled all the way from West Virginia for their seaside celebration. Since most of their guests were Suzy1(Blog)also from out of state, the couple’s parents decided to rent two large beach houses and invite everyone down for a long weekend full of fun and festivities. Suzy4(Blog) The bride was escorted by her brother, Dustin, who also severed as a groomsman in the wedding. As a sweet tribute to their moms, the bride and groom selected two special songs which played as each mother was escorted to her seat.
Location: Oak Island