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Alison & Andy | October 3, 2015

11 Sep

Alison & Andy #1 (Blog)

Although we can’t promise our brides perfect weather on their wedding day, we do promise to do everything possible to make the ceremony happen on the beach.  So far our success rate has been pretty good thanks in large part to our hard working, creative crew.

The weekend of OctoberAlison & Andy #22(Blog) 2nd brought torrential rain to the North Carolina Coast.  The combination of Hurricane Joaquin passing well to the east, an upper level low pressure system off the Southeast U.S. coast and a stalled cold front resulted in 16 inches of rain. As noted in my previous posts one of my favorite things about working at Shell Island is the vast beach front. We never have to worry about the tide line here. In fact, the distance to the ocean is so great that we often end up transporting grandparents back and forth to the ceremony in the Beachside Occasions truck.

However, on the morning of October 3rd we arrived to find the ocean all the way up to the hotel. Needless to say the bride and her dad were very concerned. After prompting Alison’s bridesmaids to get her another mimosa we headed to the beach with her dad to check out our options. Recognizing there was little chance that the 4-foot-deep tide covering the ceremony location would subside before our predetermined start time we headed south looking for a dry spot large enough to accommodate our large pavilion and 48 chairs.  As luck would have it, we found just enough beach one access down and with the bride’s okay set-up commenced at Access #2.

Alison & Andy #3(Blog)This wedding taught me two things.  First, there is usually (not always) plenty of beach in front of the Shell Island Resort.  Second, torrential rain is no match for a flexible bride and a resourceful Beachside Occasions crew.


Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach


Helen & Antoine | August 2, 2015

20 Mar

Helen & Antoine #11(Blog)

Helen & Antoine #33(Blog)Sunday marked the second wedding of the weekend at Shell Island.  This time the couple was local.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts most of our couples are from out of town.  I love hearing stories of far away places and how couples found themselves saying “I do” at the North Carolina coast.  We love this place and we are glad you love it too!  But there is something special about local brides.  They often introduce me to new vendors and creative ideas.

Helen and Antione’s desire to Helen & Antoine #44(Blog)save the aisle for the bride was definitely novel, but the execution proved a bit challenging.  With a bridal party of 24 including parents and grandparents ensuring a seamless processional was a must.  Our solution?  Three aisles!  Bridesmaids and groomsmen entered in pairs but separated at the brides aisle with groomsmen walking up the left aisle and bridesmaids up the right.   As the bride appeared, two cousins sitting in the back row pulled the blue sashes opening the center aisle for Helen’s big entrance.  Cool and practical, especially for a large wedding like this.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Helen & Antoine #22 (Blog)

Cassandra & Marc | August 1, 2015

27 Feb

Cassandra & Marc (Blog #2)August 1st marked our Cassandra & Marc #1 (Blog)first wedding of the year at Shell Island Resort.  I love this location because even at high tide there is always plenty of beach. Summer days are usually hot and active so many brides opt for morning weddings to avoid the heat and the crowds.  Cassandra and Marc’s 10:00am wedding did just that.

Morning weather is pretty predictable, but today was a bit unusual.  The coast was buffered by clouds masking the sun and making for very little wind.   Interestingly, the milky iridescent sky illuminated the beach with an intensity similar to that of a cloud free morning sun.  Parasols were out in full force as the bride made her way down the aisle.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests gathered at the end of the aisle for a bubble send-off.  The still air resulted in a great concentration of bubbles creating a fun effervescent effect.  Another fun wedding at Shell Island, can’t wait to post more north end weddings this year!

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Cassandra & Marc #3 (Blog)

Jennifer & Glenn | June 8, 2014

27 Dec

Jennifer & Glenn #2(Blog) Jennifer & Glenn #1(Blog) Once a Wilmington girl always a Wilmington girl. There’s just something magical about this place. So many of our brides grew up vacationing on our sandy shore or called it home while attending UNCW. With so many fond memories it’s no surprise many of them choose to get married here.

Although Jennifer currently resides in Jennifer & Glenn #4(Blog) Virginia, but as a UNCW Alumni, picking a location was one of the easiest decisions of the wedding planning process. Other easy decisions included choosing daughter Emma to be her maid of honor and selecting a beautiful pair of tiffany blue pumps to sport beneath her gown.

Deciding when to end the first kiss, however proved a bit more challenging. We always tell our brides to kiss for at least three seconds to allow the photographer Jennifer & Glenn(Blog) to get that perfect shot. This couple certainly took our advice to heart. Jennifer and Glenn’s first kiss was sweet and tasteful, but a bit too long for Emma who decided it was time to move things along. After a gentle clearing of her throat failed to break their lip lock, the pint size maid stepped onto the platform and inserted the bride’s bouquet between the couple. Everyone laughed as the kiss came to an end and Glenn bent down to give his new stepdaughter a hug.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach