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Helen & Antoine | August 2, 2015

20 Mar

Helen & Antoine #11(Blog)

Helen & Antoine #33(Blog)Sunday marked the second wedding of the weekend at Shell Island.  This time the couple was local.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts most of our couples are from out of town.  I love hearing stories of far away places and how couples found themselves saying “I do” at the North Carolina coast.  We love this place and we are glad you love it too!  But there is something special about local brides.  They often introduce me to new vendors and creative ideas.

Helen and Antione’s desire to Helen & Antoine #44(Blog)save the aisle for the bride was definitely novel, but the execution proved a bit challenging.  With a bridal party of 24 including parents and grandparents ensuring a seamless processional was a must.  Our solution?  Three aisles!  Bridesmaids and groomsmen entered in pairs but separated at the brides aisle with groomsmen walking up the left aisle and bridesmaids up the right.   As the bride appeared, two cousins sitting in the back row pulled the blue sashes opening the center aisle for Helen’s big entrance.  Cool and practical, especially for a large wedding like this.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Helen & Antoine #22 (Blog)

Cassandra & Marc | August 1, 2015

27 Feb

Cassandra & Marc (Blog #2)August 1st marked our Cassandra & Marc #1 (Blog)first wedding of the year at Shell Island Resort.  I love this location because even at high tide there is always plenty of beach. Summer days are usually hot and active so many brides opt for morning weddings to avoid the heat and the crowds.  Cassandra and Marc’s 10:00am wedding did just that.

Morning weather is pretty predictable, but today was a bit unusual.  The coast was buffered by clouds masking the sun and making for very little wind.   Interestingly, the milky iridescent sky illuminated the beach with an intensity similar to that of a cloud free morning sun.  Parasols were out in full force as the bride made her way down the aisle.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests gathered at the end of the aisle for a bubble send-off.  The still air resulted in a great concentration of bubbles creating a fun effervescent effect.  Another fun wedding at Shell Island, can’t wait to post more north end weddings this year!

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Cassandra & Marc #3 (Blog)

Elizabeth & David | October 25, 2014

6 Jun

Elizabeth & David #1 (Blog)The signing of Elizabeth & David #3 (Blog)the wedding license typically occurs at the conclusion of the ceremony after all the guests have departed for the reception. Although it is an important part of the wedding the license is rarely photographed or seen by anyone other than the best man and maid of honor.  They usually sign as official witnesses to the marriage just before it is sent to the clerk of court for recordation. A few weeks later the wedding license is returned to the couple where it gets tucked away at the back of file cabinet amongst old tax returns and appliance manuals (at least that’s where I keep mine).
Elizabeth & David #2 (Blog)However, in the Quaker tradition signing the wedding certificate is a central part of the ceremony, witnessed by all who attend the wedding and displayed in the home long after the festivities are over.  At this Quaker wedding, a special calligrapher was hired to hand inscribe the couples names, wedding date and marriage declarations on a linen like woven paper that stood nearly three feet tall. Following the exchange of rings the couple was presented with a pen to sign their commitment in ink. Elizabeth’s uncle took special care to ensure each guest then signed below beginning with the immediate family. What a wonderful keepsake of the couple’s commitment to one anther and the promise of support from all that shared their special day.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Christine & Jimmy | September 20, 2014

8 Apr

Christine & Jimmy 1(Blog)There’s no denying the bride Christine & Jimmy 3 (Blog)is the star of the wedding, but when she opens up the bridal party to darling little ones she best be prepared to share the spotlight.

The ideal flower girl/ring bearer is approximately four to eight years old; young enough to be adorable, yet old enough to follow instructions. Of course when the bride’s favorite niece or nephew falls below the cutoff leaving him or her out may not be an option. Best piece of advice, if your going to include toddlers in your wedding have reasonable expectations and an attentive parent/grandparent nearby just incase things do go awry.

Christine & Jimmy 2 (Blog)This probably isn’t the exit photo Christine and Jimmy had envisioned in the months leading up to their wedding, but it made for a cute moment which left everyone (including the bride and groom) in stiches. Dylan, the youngest of three kids in the wedding decided to go rouge during the last moments of the ceremony. Fortunately Grandma Liz was seated steps away. Just as the couple turned toward the crowd to be introduced for the first time as husband and wife, a gust of wind grabbed Christine’s veil sending it cascading to the ground. Maid of Honor Stephanie leapt to the platform in an attempt to capture the flailing veil, as Grandma Liz scooped little Dylan from the aisle.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Chelsea & Aaron | June 26, 2014

24 Jan

Chelsea & Aaron #1(Blog)Chelsea & Aaron #3(Blog)“What happens if it rains?” is by far the most frequently asked question we receive, however believe it or not rain is rarely an issue.  Yes showers are a frequent occurrence, especially in spring and early summer but they rarely last long and it’s pretty easy to work around them.  Typically if a bride can be a bit flexible on her start time she can get married on the beach in North Carolina.  

The morning of Chelsea and Aaron’s wedding the weather forcast was less than ideal with a 90% chance of rain and scattered showers all afternoon.  Fortunately the bride and groom were pretty laid back and we had a retired air traffic controller on the guest list Chelsea & Aaron #4(Blog)who added some expert advice about the speed and direction of the storm.  As luck would have it we got a break at the exact time the ceremony was set to begin.  Even with a longer than normal ceremony and 100 guests to seat we made it through the whole ceremony without a drop!

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Rachel & Lee | June 20, 2014

9 Jan

Rachael & Lee #1(Blog) Rachael & Lee #3(Blog)Selecting a escort for the mother of the bride (MOB) is an important but frequently forgotten detail of the ceremony planning process. My first piece of advice for brides-to-be is to ask mom for input. More often than not she has a special man in mind. For those MOBs that don’t, consider preparing a list of suitable options including brothers, brother-in-laws, uncles, and cousins. Groomsmen are another likely choice especially if you decide to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen enter separately. The chosen groomsman can take his place in line immediately after seating the MOB saving an extra trip down the aisle. In the case of divorced parents a stepfather or serious significant other may be a good option.

Occasionally the father of the bride will be recruited for double duty, escorting his wife and then his daughter.  Although this is not something I usually recommend it actually worked quite well at this wedding.  After accompanying his wife down the aisle, father of the bride, Lewis, Rachael & Lee #2(Blog) slipped out the side and hustled back to the dunes to meet his daughter while the bridal party processed down the aisle. Because the walk was quite lengthy we decided to send the bridal party down the aisle single file and space them a bit further than usual. We also had Rachel meet her father at the dunes rather than in the hotel. Lewis’ timing couldn’t have been better. He rounded the dune just in time to bid farewell to the maid of honor and share a few moments with his daughter before the bride’s processional began.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Kathryn & Eric | May 24, 2014

23 Oct

Kathyrn & Eric #4(Blog) As luck would have it, Paul finished our new small pavilion on the eve of Kathryn and Eric’s wedding. Of course I decided “we” (i.e. Paul) should reconfigure the small arbor with new, larger bamboo smack in the middle of wedding season, but my wonderful husband somehow made it happen. Kathryn & Eric #2(Blog)An impressive feat considering he works full time and is currently training for a half ironman.

As usual, his timing was spot on! We couldn’t have picked a better day or a nicer group for the “big reveal.” The weather was perfect and the wedding party was awesome. Everyone got along beautifully and they all genuinely seemed excited to be a part of Kathryn and Eric’s big day.

The bride and bridesmaids had some of the best wedding hair I’ve seen all year. It was the perfect combination of bobby pins and hair spray resulting in “beach proof hair” ready to endure nearly an hour of wind and humidity. Six beautiful updos and not one hair slid out of place, Impressive! Kathryn & Eric #3(Blog)

A few days after the ceremony, Paul and I received the most thoughtful thank you note from the bride’s parents highlighting specific interactions we shared with them throughout the planning process and wedding day. We were truly humbled by their kind words and so appreciate them taking the time to write. I keep this letter in a special place and read it from time to time; it still brightens my day. I love this business! Kathryn & Eric #1(Blog)
Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Victoria & Alex | May 18, 2014

25 Sep

Victoria & Alex #1(Blog)Victoria & Alex #3(Blog) Ahh the “Big Group Shot” one of the best wedding photos of all time.  This group picture made the short list of must haves at my own wedding and is definitely one of the photos I cherish most.  I’ve worked with many photographers and seen it done several different ways, but I must admit the folks at KMI Photography certainly do it better than most!

Immediately following the Victoria & Alex(Blog) first kiss the officiate directed everyone to turn and wave. In a blink of an eye Kevin had snapped the photo from atop his ladder and was back on the ground ready to capture the recessional.  With guests still on their feet, waving and smiling, the officiate introduced the couple as Mr. and Mrs.  Waiving turned to clapping as recessional music began and the couple made their big exit. Wow what great energy!

Another highlight today was Victoria & Alex #2(Blog) watching the groom’s aunt and grandmother embark on their first beach “four wheeling” experience. It may have taken some convincing to get them out there, however the ladies were more than happy to join Paul for a second ride afterwards, even stopping to give him a hug before heading into the reception.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Caroline & James | May 3, 3014

17 Aug

Caroline & James#1(Blog) Friends and Caroline & James #3(Blog) family frequently offer their talents to assist with the ceremony and reception. From sewing bridesmaid dresses and baking the wedding cake to arranging flowers and providing ceremony music, allowing loved ones to help can be a great way delegate items of your “to do list,” save money, and really personalize your big day. FYI most people who offer, genuinely want to help. So, if possible accept these gifts with gratitude. If their gifts don’t jive with your style consider proposing another way they can contribute.

Caroline & James #2(Blog) James and Caroline were thrilled when Michael offered to provide the ceremony music. Although Michael is a gifted guitarist who plays in the right genre it was important to the groom that his brother stand with him when he got married. Their solution, have Michael record his music in advance so he could focus on his best man duties during the ceremony. This turned out to be the perfect compromise, the guests were able to enjoy Michael’s music, and the couple now has a wonderful keepsake CD to remember their special day.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Liz & Ryan | April 26, 2014

17 Jul

Liz & Ryan #1(Blog) Whoever said the bride’s attendants have to be female? Over the past few years weddings have certainly evolved. Couples are personalizing their Liz & Ryan #3(Blog) nuptials, creating new traditions and pushing old etiquette aside. With the tradition of boys on the right, girls on the left no longer set in stone, more and more couples are breaking away from the stereotypically bridal party and choosing the people that are closest to them regardless of gender. Bridesmen and groomsladies are indeed a fact of 21st century weddings. As for this modern bride Liz & Ryan #2(Blog) it seemed only natural that her three brothers stand by her side. So they did and it was perfect! At the end of the ceremony, rather than recessing arm and arm with the groomsmen, each bridesman picked up his spouse from the front row and escorted her off the beach.

One tradition no couple should overlook is personally acknowledging each and every guest at their wedding. This can be accomplished by Liz & Ryan #4(Blog) greeting attendees at their table over the meal, mingling through the crowd during cocktail hour or opting for a receiving line at the end of the ceremony; Liz and Ryan choose the latter. Commonly seen in weddings up north, a receiving line is a fast and easy way to personally acknowledge each and every guest prior to heading to the reception. Although we don’t see a lot of receiving lines down south, I think they are a great idea (especially for larger weddings) and definitely worth considering.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach