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Stacy & Lee | April 16, 2016

16 May

Trading the safety and predictability of an indoor ceremony for a spectacular setting only mother nature can provide does come at a risk.  However, with countless picture perfect nuptials and more than a few last-minute miracles under my belt I can generally say the odds are pretty good if you plan a beach wedding in North Carolina it will most likely happen on the beach.  Nevertheless, every now and then mother nature throws us a curveball we just can’t work around.  Hours of relentless rain, unyielding gale force winds and yes even the occasional hurricane may foil your vision of the perfect seaside ceremony, but it doesn’t have to ruin your wedding.  On days like this its best to order another glass of champagne, try and relax and trust your vendors to handle it.   

Standing inside Stacy’s beach house a few hours prior to the ceremony, all seemed well.  It was a perfect 81 degrees and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but down at the shore it was a different story.  With 20mph sustained winds and blasts of sand whirling about we all agreed it was time to consider other options. 

Although a veranda wedding wasn’t exactly what the bride had envisioned it turned out to be the perfect alternative.  In the safety of the dunes about 100 yards from our intended location we found just enough wind to give our flags some movement, but not enough to tussle the brides hair.  Not bad for a last minute Plan B!

Location: Wrightsville Beach, NC


Ocean & Mike | October 27, 2012

28 Oct

What happens when hurricane Sandy strikes on your wedding day?  Well, if you had the foresight to reserve an ocean front ballroom for your reception then you can still have an ocean front ceremony (and as a bonus you get to keep the pavilion for the reception)

It may not have been the seaside ceremony this bride had been dreaming of, but it actually turned out to be a beautiful ceremony and certainly makes for a great story.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

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Nicole & Michael | September 22, 2012

28 Sep

Nicole introduced me to a new chair layout call “the circle of love.”  The premise of this design is to arrange the chairs in a circular pattern around the pavilion.

It is a cool concept but create some logistical challenges when the bride has a large wedding party (mainly figuring out how to arrange a standing wedding around the pavilion so that seated guests can see the bride and groom.

Our solution was a modified circle of love we deemed “the clover.”  The clover is comprised of quarter circles with openings at each side of the pavilion.  Kudos to Nicole for thinking outside the rows!

Location: Winding River Beach Club, Holden Beach