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Krystal & Stephen | August 17, 2013

25 Sep

Krystal & Stephen #1(Blog)
Krystal and Stephen’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings of the year. In fact, by the end of the ceremony my Krystal & Stephen #2 (Blog) cheeks were actually sore from smiling. The groom and his groomsmen keep us entertained until the moment they walked down the aisle. The bride was so genuinely happy and excited that I couldn’t help but smile in her presence.

Working at the Holiday Inn Sunspree is always a great experience, however, this wedding was extra special. Noni went out of her way to put the bride’s mind at ease, providing several good options for an indoor ceremony and arranging for us to have a second practice at this back-up location. Fortunately, good weather prevailed and we did not have to move inside, Krystal & Stephen #4(Blog)but it was certainly nice to have an alternative. This wedding was also the first opportunity we had to work with The Three Divas and I have to say it was truly a delightful experience. I couldn’t help but feel a sence of comrodary with these high energy, ultra enthusiastic ladies. They did a beautiful job decorating our pavilion and kept us smiling all afternoon.

Location: Holiday Inn Sunspree, Wrightsville Beach

Carrie & Shawn | August 11, 2013

18 Sep

Carrie & Shawn 1(Blog)
As the clouds rolled Carrie & Shawn 3 (Blog) in and beach folks headed to their cars we sat in the truck and braced for the storm. Thank goodness for smart phones! Summer showers are a frequent occurrence on the coast, but they usually pass pretty quickly. Based on past experience and utilizing weather apps Carrie & Shawn 2(Blog) such as Dark Sky we’ve gotten pretty good at working around them. The hardest part of the day was convincing the bride and groom that if they could be a little bit flexible on the start time we could ensure them a beautiful, rain free ceremony. As expected it poured for about 20 minutes at the planned start time, Carrie & Shawn 4 (Blog) but as soon as it cleared, the tarps came off, the towels came out and the trolleys came down to deliver the guests. A short time later the limo pulled up and the processional began. As promised, except for a few tears during the vows, not a single drop fell during the ceremony.
Location: Wrightsville Beach, Access #43

Linda & Andy | August 10, 2013

11 Sep

Linda & Andy #2(Blog)
Linday & Andy 1(Blog) When Linda and Andy got engaged they knew two things for sure. First they wanted to get married on the beach and second they had to pick a date outside the softball season. The couple (and many of their guests) are avid softball players Linda & Andy #3(Blog) so I had an inkling they would find some way to incorporate the game into their wedding, but I was certain it would happen at the reception. As expected the ceremony was sweet and traditional, however when guests headed to cocktail hour, out popped the fuzzy yellow softball and the real fun began!

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach

Susan & Will | July 13, 2013

6 Sep

Susan& Will #1(Blog)
Saturday was an Susan & Will #2(Blog) interesting day. The crew and I enjoyed watching the sunrise over Carolina Beach as we arranged the chairs for the 4pm ceremony. (Note to potential brides – it is best to ensure your set-up is out before the guys arrive with the beach chairs and umbrellas. Carolina Beach does not issue beach permits, which makes securing the perfect ceremony location later in the day somewhat challenging). Over the next few hours, the beach Susan & WIll #3(Blog) was hit with a torrential downpour, however it cleared up about an hour before the ceremony was set to begin which gave us plenty of time to dry everything off and add the finishing touches. The change in weather was so dramatic that the officiant couldn’t help but start the ceremony with an enthusiastic “it’s not raining!” which drew cheers from the crowd.

My favorite moment of the day was certainly the wedding party’s impromptu dance which began just as the bride started down the aisle. As the guests stood and turned to watch the bride, he began grooving to the music, shaking his hips and waving his hands in the year. Susan & WIll #4(Blog) This proved to be so contagious that, the other members of the wedding party soon joined in. The dance continued until the bride made it about half way down the aisle (right before the guests turned back to the groom) at which point the wedding party resumed a reserved stance appropriate for such an occasion.

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach