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Rachel & Joe | May 30, 2014

15 Nov

Rachel & Joe #1_edited-1(Blog) I met Rachel and Joe at Fort Rachel & Joe #2_edited(Blog)Fisher a few weeks before their big day to discuss details and collect a few things Rachel had prepared for the ceremony. After selecting a location for their pavilion we headed to the parking lot where Joe retrieved a massive box from his car. “Items for the guest table,” Rachel remarked as I dug through the tissue paper marveling at all the stuff – neatly pressed hankies to dry happy tears,

Rachel & Joe #3(Blog) bubbles to blow as the couple made their big exit, tiny bottles for guests to collect sand mementos, wishing rocks with inspiring words and artful fans which doubled as programs. Yes, definitely going to need the large bamboo table for this one. Fortunately Rachel included a diagram and we had the foresight to do a trial run before the big day. Melissa did a great job setting everything up and ensuring the items were property distributed; don’t know what we would do without her!
The guest table was one Rachel & Joe #4(Blog) of many surprises that made this wedding truly unique. As friends and family made their way to the shore they were greeted by sounds of a five piece brass band led by the bride’s sister. Moments before the ceremony was set to begin Rachel and her father arrived in a vintage British taxi complete with driver in full uniform.
Rachel & Joe #5(Blog) During the ceremony the minister recognize the couple’s parents which made for a sweet moment and a beautiful photo. Before heading to the reception guests made a stop at our shoe rack to collect shoes and brush sand from their toes.

Location: Fort Fisher Beach