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Shana & Adam | September 20, 2013

22 Oct

Shana & Adam #1(Blog)

It was the perfect day for a Shana & Adam #5(Blog) beach wedding; temperatures in the mid 70’s and a bright blue sky full of fluffy white clouds. Aside from a handful of surfers and a few families, the beach was practically empty allowing us to coordinate the processional down the access ramp without the interruption of bathing suit clad beachgoers. Brides often select Access #4 because of its large parking lot, onsite restroom facilities and long wooden Shana & Adam #2(Blog) ramp (which runs from the parking lot past the dune line) however these features also make this access extremely popular for tourists. Planning a wedding at Access #4 is all about timing. Get married outside of peak season, and you are likely to have a similar experience.

Most brides select long bridal gowns, but I think short dresses are super cute and really practical. Long dresses are usually hemmed in reception shoes which can make a walk down the aisle a bit challenging (especially Shana & Adam #3(Blog)1 if the bride decides to forgo the three inch heels for a barefoot ceremony). Short dresses offer flexibility at any height. Speaking of great ideas, the boutonnieres at this wedding were attached with extra strong magnets. They were simple to put on and didn’t leave holes in the guys’ linen shirts. Ingenious!
Location: Access #4, Wrightsville Beach

Amber & Joseph | September 7, 2013

10 Oct

Amber & Joseph #3(Blog) Amber and Joseph’s Amber & Joseph #1(Blog) wedding was my first opportunity to use coral sashes and I have to say, I think it is one of the best colors we have used thus far. It is a great contrast to the deep blue ocean our coast is famous for and one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colors of the year.

I loved that Amber asked her mom to walk her down the aisle. I could see the close bond they shared as they reminisced in the moments leading up to the ceremony.Amber & Joseph #2(Blog)

Giving her daughter away was tough, but knowing that the couple picked a house just down the street certainly made it a bit easier.

Location: Fort Fisher Recreational Area
Amber & Joseph #4(Blog)

Bridgette & Todd | August 31, 2013

3 Oct

Bridgette & Todd #1 (Blog) Bridgette & Todd #5(Blog) I first learned about the “Three Second Kiss” from Wilmington photographer Bill Parr during a rehearsal about three years ago and have shared it with every bride since. According to Bill, the first kiss should last at least three seconds Bridgette & Todd #3(Blog) to allow the photographer to get a really good shot. We go a step further and advise our brides to practice the first kiss (or at least discuss it) prior to the ceremony. Nerves, excitement, and a front row full of parents Bridgette & Todd #6(Blog) and grandparents have caused more than one couple to fumble the kiss. Believe it or not, sharing a first kiss can be really hard to do under pressure without a little practice. Fortunately, Bridgett and Todd’s first kiss was magical. When the big moment arrived, this couple shared a kiss fit for the silver Bridgette & Todd #2(Blog) screen complete with dramatic dip and roaring audience applause. It was certainly one of the most memorable first kisses of the year!

Location: Oceanic Restaurant, Wrightsville Beach