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Megan & Marty | April 26, 2014

25 Jul

Megan & Marty(Blog) Thank goodness for MEgan & Marty #2(Blog) beach renourishments and flexible brides! Maintaining a sandy beach coastline is a never-ending project that requires a great deal of time and resources. Every few years the state must battle Mother Nature to keep Wrightsville Beach from flooding. Yes, it’s expensive, but for those faithful who live and vacation here it is certainly well worth the price.

The 2014 beach renourishment schedule, though badly needed caused a few issues for several spring brides. They had to change locations in order to stay out of the path of the massive trucksMegan & Marty #1(Blog) and people sized pipes. After it was all finished the project added nearly 100 yards of new sand to the beach.

Fortunately Megan was a local bride, so she had ample opportunity to explore other options and select a new location outside the construction zone. Ultimately she and Marty settled on Access #6. Located a short distance from the Holiday Inn Sunspree, (site of the couple’s reception) Access #6 is a lush and secluded entry with absolutely no parking. Luckily Noni and her crew were kind enough to shuttle guests to and from the ceremony in the Holiday Inn van.

As of 4/26/14 Renourishment the beach renourishment effort had yet to reach Access #6, which made set-up a bit challenging. The beach was so narrow that we ended up arranging the chairs in 3 long rows and curving them inward to create a more intimate feel. This also kept our pavilion safe from the approaching tide. I have to say I loved the way it photographed but I’m relieved to know next time were here we should have much more space to work.

Location: Access #6, Wrightsville Beach

Liz & Ryan | April 26, 2014

17 Jul

Liz & Ryan #1(Blog) Whoever said the bride’s attendants have to be female? Over the past few years weddings have certainly evolved. Couples are personalizing their Liz & Ryan #3(Blog) nuptials, creating new traditions and pushing old etiquette aside. With the tradition of boys on the right, girls on the left no longer set in stone, more and more couples are breaking away from the stereotypically bridal party and choosing the people that are closest to them regardless of gender. Bridesmen and groomsladies are indeed a fact of 21st century weddings. As for this modern bride Liz & Ryan #2(Blog) it seemed only natural that her three brothers stand by her side. So they did and it was perfect! At the end of the ceremony, rather than recessing arm and arm with the groomsmen, each bridesman picked up his spouse from the front row and escorted her off the beach.

One tradition no couple should overlook is personally acknowledging each and every guest at their wedding. This can be accomplished by Liz & Ryan #4(Blog) greeting attendees at their table over the meal, mingling through the crowd during cocktail hour or opting for a receiving line at the end of the ceremony; Liz and Ryan choose the latter. Commonly seen in weddings up north, a receiving line is a fast and easy way to personally acknowledge each and every guest prior to heading to the reception. Although we don’t see a lot of receiving lines down south, I think they are a great idea (especially for larger weddings) and definitely worth considering.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach

Rachel & Tony | April 18, 2014

10 Jul

Rachel & Tony #1(Blog) Serving as a maid of honorRachel & Tony #3(Blog) is more than simply holding a bouquet and hosting a great bachelorette party. It can be the marvelous opportunity to help the bride enjoy a wonderful stress-free day, creating a happy memory that will last a lifetime. From straightening the dress and supervising the kids to making sure the bride remembers her bouquet for the recessional a great maid honor anticipates the bride’s every move and is their to support her on this most special day. Kudos to Shannon for doing it so well.

Rachel & Tony #2(Blog) Favorite part of the ceremony was definitely Rachel and Tony’s vows. The couple read heartfelt promises to one another from tiny vow books. I love the vow book idea for several reasons:
1) They are easier to maneuver on a windy beach than a piece of paper
2) They alleviate the stress of having to recite vows from memory
3) They are precious keepsakes which can be added to year after year.

Location: Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach